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Custom Titanium E-bikes


At Schwift, we can create your dream bike coupled with a fabulous electric system from Bosch.



Schwift is populated with industry veterans-  our Chief Executive Worker started building frames in the 70's and 80's and was chief engineer for GT Bicycles for 23 years.  The Chief Executive Employee started working as an engineer for Schwinn/GT in 1998 and was the director of the Electric Propulsion Group at Cycling Sports Group initiating the Bosch e-bike project in Basel, Switzerland from 2009-2011.  The Chief Hot Fuser is a titanium fabrication craftsman who ran the Ti GT line in the 90's and welds ti frames for Lennard Zinn.  Other fine folks contribute here and like living under the radar.

Schwift is the result of many years of cycling experience and our desire to create unique transportation alternatives.  Schwift is also under the auspices of an industry engineering and design firm GSD Global, which helps folks in the cycling and light electric vehicle areas achieve their goals.

Pedal Assist


We chose the best electric propulsion system the world has to offer because of it's reliability, efficiency, high torque, global service capability, and most of all the cycling experience and intuitive response to the rider's input.  With this mode of transportation you have the ability to transport yourself in the most efficient production vehicle on the planet- above 2000 MPG equivalent if you are charging your battery with a solar panel.

Design Process

We custom fabricate your frame to your needs adding the components you like and the fit you dream of.  We can custom laser engrave or anneal your name, images, or any myriad of  graphical features to your bike.  If you are looking for high torque for MTB or cargo applications, we can put on a Bosch CX motor on your bike- or if you like a faster speed, we can install the Performance Speed system capable of up to 28MPH.   We can choose from different battery capacities, and also what your ideal rider interface (Intuvia or Purion display) would be.  With components, we have belt drive, chain drive, internal gear hubs, or traditional drive train coupled with electric shifting or standard cable actuated shifting.  The sky is the limit and we are here to assist

Once the bicycle is defined, we ship to you and work with a partner local to you who is Bosch service certified to ensure you have a local partner for the life of your new transportation machine.  We can also arrange for mobile bicycle shop delivery and service as well.

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